Nur Annisa

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About Me August 2, 2009

when i came Bogor, i was very confused because i didn’t have any friends. I didn’t what should i do…???? it was my first time live without my family. althought, the city is my born city but i grow in Lampung. I have anything in Lampung. My parents, brothers and sister, friends,,,,and everything that make me comfortable in my life..

now, i was school in Bogor Educare…

i hope i will find new friends who make me comfartable…..


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. uconk Says:

    iya , luar biasa, skali. anak2 plestina itu.
    n bkan cma itu aj, tp bnyak skali crita2, tntang kberanian, mrka.. sya rsa mreka adlah anak2 yg terhebat d dunia.

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